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MPT Bootcamp
Full core and circuit exercise program

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MPT Bootcamp

This class is for those wanting the best combination of exercises and intensity that will burn serious fat, massively increase Cardiovascular fitness and strengthen all of the major muscle groups.

Classes are conveniently run down on the Mezzanine Courtyard at Head Office. It includes targeted abdominal / core exercises, body weight Tabata (High Intensity Interval Training) as well as resistance circuits.  All this to help you to reduce fat, tone up or just get fitter and healthier. 

Whether this is your only weekly workout or part of a well rounded program, MPT Bootcamp can benefit you. Though hard work and patience, combined with a healthy diet, you can get results and at a price you really can afford.

No experience is necessary! It is suitable for beginners to intermediates or as a top up for advanced clients. The exercise intensity is at just right level to ensure an effective workout in only 40 minutes. People with back or joint injuries should obtain clearance from their doctor before signing up to the classes.

It will be up to you to make to as many of the sessions as you can. The more you make it to, the better the value for money for you. If weather prevents a class being run or for any other reason I am unable to run it on the day, it will be moved to the end of the package round. There will always be 10 session run in a round, even if it takes longer than the scheduled 10 weeks. Casual attendance may be possibly at $16 per class, if not already full.

Exercise mats are supplied for the floor based exercises but as we are outside the mats are not the cleanest. It is recommended you bring a towel to put over the mat during use. If you are worried about getting your hands dirty, gym gloves could be useful. You should have a sweat towel and water with you at every session. Be sun safe and wear a hat and suncreen during the summer months. (Free suncreen available)

Payment of the round is required before classes commence and to secure your spot.

For information about how Matrix Personal Training manages your personal information, please view our privacy policy.

After your registration has been confirmed.

The preferred payment method is by direct deposit / EFT or cash and must be received before the classes start.


If you are a new client or your medical condition has changed recently, you will need to complete the Medical / Legal waiver (click here). If you suspect you might require clearance from your doctor before training, please do this as soon as possible as you will not be able to commence without it. If on receipt of your waiver I believe clearance is required, I will inform you ASAP.

It is up to you to inform your trainer if you are suffering from pain or an injury or condition that may be impacted by specific exercises or exercise in general. If there is an exercise you know you can not or should not do because of your pain / injury, inform the trainer and you will be given an alternative exercise.

It is important that you learn the difference between discomfort from the exercises and genuine pain. Discomfort will usually be felt as an indicator your are pushing your muscles hard (getting benefit from the exercise). If you feel pain during the class, cease the activity immediately and inform the trainer. A correction to your technique may be required or an alternative exercise given.