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Riding Coaching
(1 on 1 & Group)

Focusing on Proper Body Positioning, Balance, Corner Techniques, Braking, Starts, & most importantly SAFETY!


Personal Training
(In Person, 1 on 1 & Group)

Focusing on developing Strength, Endurance, Core Stability, & Balance.


Beginner & Advanced programs are available. 


Online Personal Training
(Fully Remote)

Don't let travel be your hinderance on your goals!

We have programs right at your fingertips through our partners at Train Heroic.

From Athletic Performance to Personal Fitness programs, they are all available directly on your mobile device. 


Don't ever underestimate the fire that burns inside you 🔥  __mptfitness #mptfitness #fitn

Get to know Coach Tyler.

Owner & Former Professional Motocross Athlete, Tyler McKay, built MPT as a dream to change the way that we approach training and coaching for the betterment of the next generation of Health & Wellness. 


With a background in Kinesiology, Tyler is currently certified by NASM as a PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist), NASM Stretching & Flexibility Specialist, Sport Psychologist, & USMCA Coach.


MPT has trained in multiple disciplines both on & off the field including Amateur/Professional Motocross, Mountain Biking, GNCC/Off-Road Motocross, Football, Soccer, Cycling & various other Action Sports.


Tyler has over 10+ years of experience in Certified Personal Training in both 1 on 1 & Group Training.



Not only is Tyler an amazing human, but he knows how to push the human body in the right direction for optimal results. Let alone being an awesome trainer for someone who is looking to better their health, he can also take his knowledge and apply it to Motocross/Mountain Biking. 


Being a professional Mountain Biker and someone who races B class in Motocross, Tyler has helped me accomplish things I never knew I could in both disciplines. He is a great role model, trainer, and most importantly, a friend! He has changed my life and I have no doubt in my mind that he can help continue to change others.

Matthew Sterling
(Professional World Cup Mountain Bike Athlete from California)


Tyler is one of the kindest, most patient people you will ever meet. He spends time getting to know each and every athlete on a personal level. He does not train like a typical large facility, he focuses on the small things and works on those small imperfections, then gradually moves to bigger and more complicated lessons of the sport. He will pull you aside and work to correct it. Even in group settings, he provides one-on-one conversations with each athlete so you don’t feel left out, neglected, or less important. You will leave every training session feeling more confident and comfortable on and off the bike. 

Katie Storms (Mother of Amateur Motocross Racer from Georgia)


My time with Tyler from MPT was very personal. From the moment we had our first conversation I could feel a personable connection, and an understanding of what I was after as an athlete. Always going above and beyond as well making sure I always had everything I needed and more. It’s not just a training program with hi and bye, the connections he has in the industry means he can reach out where needed to further help the athlete. His wealth of knowledge will progress any level of rider or athlete.

Josiah Natzke
(Professional Motocross & Supercross Racer from NZ)

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